Canyoning Lozère

The most beautiful route of Mont Aigoual

Canyoning outing near Florac not to be missed

The Tapoul canyon is available to you around Florac

Are you a resident or tourist in Lozère? We offer outdoor activities to transform your stay into a moment of relaxation and unforgettable sensations.

Are you a thrill seeker, want to cool off during the summer? To jump into pools of water more than 10 meters high, to slide on natural slides? Look no further, canyoning in Lozère is the activity for you.

Our state-certified guides have selected THE canyon near Florac for you. We present to you the most beautiful, the most complete, the most sensational, the most sporty and the most inevitable of the department: the canyon of Tapoul!

Tapoul Canyon

“The Aqualand of the Cévennes”

We could not have found this canyon in another department. Equally green, natural, wild and unspoiled, the Tapoul canyon is the ideal outing for all sports enthusiasts seeking sensations.

You will discover all of the canyoning workshops: jumps, abseiling, zip lines, slides, and all in an undoubtedly surprising setting.

Activity recommended from any intermediate level to half a day.
Sports friends, book the day!

Location: 30 minutes from Florac, 1 hour 15 from Vigan, 1 hour 30 from Millau and Alès and 2 hours from Montpellier and Nîmes.

Canyoning in complete safety with Alteo Nature

Standard equipment used by qualified professionals

The practice of canyoning requires the provision of appropriate equipment.

Our monitors will provide you with a 5mm neoprene wetsuit. This outfit protects the whole body from possible blows and will also allow young and old alike to float in the course of rivers.

They will then equip you with a helmet and a harness with a harness to perform abseils and zip lines, but also to cross lifelines and reach the highest jump points.

Our 4 guides are State Climbing and Canyon graduates and all have significant experience in supervising outdoor sports. They will be able to control the equipment as well as possible and watch over you throughout the activity.

Your personal equipment

What you should take

Before the instructor arrives or at home, do not forget to put on your swimsuit, which is necessary under the suit. We also ask you to wear basketball-style lace-up shoes to protect your feet and avoid slipping on the rocks. (Rental possible if you do not have one).

You can also bring a towel to dry yourself at the end of the activity and a pair of spare shoes.

We advise you to bring a bottle of water with a snack for the end of the activity.

Alteo nature: a passion and common values

Respect for the common heritage

Our small group of guides was formed around our shared passion for rock climbing, caving and hiking. But these are values ​​such as respect for the environment, the preservation of the flora and fauna that surround us and bring us together.

Concerned about the impact caused by the influx of tourists and people taking more and more wild routes, we choose to form groups of 10 people maximum. It also aims to strengthen team spirit more than learning canyoning techniques.

Passionate about our profession and our environment, we ask you to be respectful of the places used and to be vigilant.





















































Le village de Sainte-Enimie 

C’est cette fois ci en partant vers le Nord de la Lozère que vous pourrez visiter le charmant village de Sainte Enimie, classé parmi les plus beaux de France. Pour les amoureux d’histoire, vous pourrez visiter l’ancien monastère, la halle au blé et sa mesure à grains. Vous pourrez aussi vous rendre à la source Burle, aux vertus de guérisons.


Le Parc National des Cévennes

Que vous soyez en activité dans le Gard ou la Lozère, vous êtes probablement sur le Parc National des Cévennes. Un territoire reconnu pour ses patrimoines naturel, culturel et paysager exceptionnels. A cette occasion, n’hésitez pas à aller découvrir les gorges de la Jonte depuis le sentier des Corniches ou faire un tour sur le sentier des Menhirs sur le mont Lozère. Attention, la chouette de Tengmalm présente sur le territoire vous surveille d’un bon oeil ! 

Les loups du Gévaudan 

Nos sorties sont souvent accès sur la découverte de l’environnement et de la flore sauvage. Cette visite est donc faite pour vous si vous souhaitez découvrir la faune de Lozère et ses loups. La visite guidée y est gratuite et vous pourrez même assister au nourrissage si vous vous y rendez pendant les périodes adéquates.

Coup de coeur familial, recommandé si vous passez plusieurs jours en Lozère, car ce parc se situe à 1 heure 30 de notre sortie canyon du Tapoul. 

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