Via ferrata Lozère

Rendezvous in the land of passion

Via ferrata outings on the heights of Florac 

In the heart of the Cévennes National Park 

Yet not so far from the south and the Mediterranean Sea, Lozère is the least populated department in France.
Whether you are with family, friends or even alone, come and discover the different via-ferrata techniques, a sporting activity between caving and climbing.

You will have the opportunity to discover the multitude of crossings put in place in order to overcome obstacles: Nepalese bridges, monkey bridges, zip lines, abseils are waiting for you.

Ideal for recharging one's batteries, its landscapes, varying with the seasons, will offer you moments of relaxation accompanied by a feeling of fullness.

But, in addition to these relaxing Zen moments, you can also enjoy outdoor activities allowed thanks to the gorges and plateaus of this region, its lakes and waterfalls, trails and rivers.

And, to fully enjoy the gorges as well as the green Lozérienne views, nothing like a via ferrata outing in Lozère, near Florac!
Here we go, our monitors in unknown territory to find The course not to be missed.

We guarantee you a safe outing with our Alteo guide for a memorable adventure!

Our via-ferrata course in Lozère

An exceptional panorama of Mont Lozère


Our guides are constantly looking for routes that can meet the greatest number of requests. For this via ferrata, we will nevertheless be forced to limit reservations to people with a first experience or a minimum of sport.

From the intermediate route to the very physical route, the via-ferrata that we offer is probably the most physical in the region but also certainly the most beautiful with a number of crossing possibilities.

Come and discover our via-ferrata in Lozère ...

The Rochefort via ferrata

A breathtaking itinerary

Located on the heights of the commune of Florac, the Rochefort via ferrata is renowned for its numerous aerial passages.

Sometimes a little sporty and sometimes very athletic, you will have the possibility to choose between the two proposed courses.

After an approach walk to exceptional panoramas of Mont-Lozère, footbridges, monkey bridges, Nepalese bridge and zip line will allow you to cross the obstacles.

A via ferrata for thrill seekers!

Practical information for via-ferrata in Lozère

What there is to know


1. Equipment to standards lent by Alteo

The supervision of outdoor activities requires regular control of the equipment.

In order not to have any bad surprises, we take care of the essential elements for the practice of via-ferrata, namely :

  • A helmet
  • A harness
  • Carabiners

Our state-certified instructor will explain the basic operating rules as well as the use of equipment at the meeting place.

2. The personal attire that you must bring

Via ferrata is a sport and physical activity, we recommend that you bring :

  • Sportswear that makes you feel comfortable. In summer, shorts and t-shirts will do the trick
  • Sneakers, preferably lace-up.
  • No need to go buy a new pair, you risk not only damaging them but also having sore feet (beware of blisters).
    Bring a pair you are used to wearing
  • A pair of gloves or mittens for the most sensitive

3. Personal effects

You can take a small backpack type decathlon, to put:

  • A bottle of water, to be able to hydrate you. We recommend in the middle of the high heat season to select courses in the morning for more freshness
  • A snack in case of instant hunger, like a cereal bar. (Avoid chocolate which may melt)
  • A camera, to keep a souvenir of your via ferrata and make the whole family envy when you return from vacation!

Don't have a camera? Do not panic, we offer it for rental, you just need to mention it to us when making your reservation and take an SD card with you.

You hesitate between this route and a via ferrata in Aveyron 

How to make the right choice ? 

There is not always a good and a bad choice. Sometimes you have several options.
It's up to you to determine if you meet the required conditions or even to see if a via-ferrata meets your expectations. Here are some tips:

  • Gather the people with whom you want to participate and make a list of your desires

While some members will prefer the geographic proximity of a course, others will favor a more distant one in order to be at the water's edge or to have more workshops. Likewise with the family, you will prefer a more playful and relaxing activity than with sports friends.

  • Check the level of the selected via ferrata and its accessibility

After making a list of your desires and selecting the ideal route, check that it has an adequate route for you. Some via ferrata are reserved for sports people. In any case, you can ask for confirmation during your reservation, we will direct you.

Also don't forget to refer to the recommended ages of practice, this may give you an idea of ​​the level of difficulty.

We remind you that going out via ferrata requires being in good physical condition and not suffering from any major health problem.

We do not recommend these activities for people with trauma to the shoulder, ankles, or visual or cognitive impairment.

Ethics and values ​​of Alteo Nature

Common points that resemble us and bring us together

Alteo Nature is above all a single team composed for several years, committed to customer satisfaction and environmental protection.

We suggest that you come and participate in our activities in groups of up to 10 people for optimal monitoring and quality of exchange. Learning and group cohesion will thus be favored.

As such, we will ask you, throughout the course to respect the places around you, taking care not to leave litter on your departure and avoiding any act of delinquency.

“Man must be the guardian of nature, not its owner.” Philippe St Marc

The Alteo Nature guides

Diplomas, qualifications, experience… the guarantors of your safety

Mass tourism, expanding outdoor activities, so many arguments that attract dishonest and unskilled people. We recommend that you be careful about the guides you select.

At Alteo Nature, all of our guides are people we know and have used for several seasons. So we trust each other and guarantee you their coaching skills.

With the State Climbing and Canyon diploma as well as more than 10 years of experience, it is safe to enjoy an outing supervised by our guides, with equipment up to standards and checked regularly.

Via ferrata Herault

Between Earth and sea

Via ferrata Aveyron

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