Canyoning Gard

Hikes, waterfalls and canyons

Experience a canyoning descent in the Cévennes

In one of the most beautiful massifs in France

With family, friends or even alone, come and share a canyoning activity in the Gard with Alteo Nature guides. State graduates "Climbing and Canyon", our instructors will make you enjoy a supervised activity in complete safety.

Jumps, ziplines, abseiling, passages under siphons, slides on natural slides, swimming in white water, floating, are some of the crossing methods that you will be able to discover through different routes suitable for all levels.

Our canyoning courses in the Gard

For families and athletes

Beginners, amateurs or confirmed, discover the most beautiful canyons of the Cévennes selected by Alteo Nature and let yourself be guided according to your expectations and your desires. Courses available for the day, or half a day: the choice is yours!

The Soucy aquatic hike

A route halfway between water hiking and canyoning - ideal for an intermediate level

After the St-Guilhem-Le-Désert hike, the other choice is on the Soucy route. This route has an additional advantage: a natural slide to delight young and old alike.

During the activity, you will have to jump (jumps from 2 to 9 meters), slide along slides and ziplines, but also take advantage of moments of letting go in white water to finish by a passage under siphon.

An ideal leisure outing for children as well as parents, for a successful family vacation day.

Location: By car 30 minutes from Alès, 1 hour from Ganges and Nîmes, 1 hour 30 from Montpellier and la Grande Motte.

The Orgon waterfall canyon 

Slide on one of the most beautiful natural slides in France: the Icarus slide

Among our most beautiful routes, the canyon of the Orgon waterfalls has many advantages. As its name suggests, this route offers a succession of waterfalls in a row. All the more beautiful, wild and preserved each other, they offer an unforgettable spectacle and sensations!

In their tumultuous crystal waters, you will have the possibility of performing jumps from 2 to 8 meters; take advantage of abseiling descents with exceptional views. To end the adventure in style, the famous Icarus slide will offer you one of the most beautiful natural toboggan runs in the south of France.

Nature lovers, this canyon is for you.

Location: By car 30 minutes from Ganges, 1 hour 15 from Montpellier, Alès, Nîmes, Millau and Clermont l'Hérault.

The Bramabiau canyon

A refreshing course to do with family or friends

The canyon of Bramabiau, also known as “canyon of Happiness”, owes these different names to the brook of Happiness which allows to disappear underground to resurface at the Abime of Bramabiau: a cavity with a deaclase of 70 m in height.

This paradise-like and mystical course offers a succession of jumps from 1m to 8m. It is dotted with many toboggans including the illustrious Man-Shell slide. But what is the Man-Shell shell slide?

If you hesitate on the choice of your route, do not hesitate to book it because the surprise is great!

Location: By car 1 hour from Ganges, Vigan and Millau, 2 hours from Montpellier and Alès.

Canyoning equipment compliant and regularly checked!

What you should take

In order to guarantee safe outings, the Alteo Nature guides will provide you with the equipment necessary for canyoning. To protect you from any possible hit, you will be loaned a 5mm neoprene suit and a helmet. This combination also allows you to float and let yourself go. You will also be equipped with a harness with harness allowing you to perform zip lines and abseiling.

To complete this equipment, consider taking a swimsuit that you will put under the jumpsuit and sneaker-type shoes that hold on to your feet (rental possible). For your comfort, don't forget a towel to dry yourself at the end of the activity as well as a bottle of water.

Do you realize you're going to have a great time and you don't have a water-resistant camera? Alteo Nature provides them for an additional 20 euros (to be indicated when booking).

A course in aquatic hiking or canyoning in the Gard: what to choose?

Introductory course and sports course

You have read our different descriptions and you are hesitating between water hiking and canyoning. Here are some additional details to guide you.

The courses are designed to meet everyone's levels and expectations.

The aquatic hike, a perfect route for families

So, if you are a family with two children aged 7 and 11, we recommend the aquatic hike.

More fun and accessible than its canyon brother, it will seduce you with the plurality of its workshops.

As many jumps await you there but all are avoidable unlike some canyon courses. The heights will be variable and adaptable according to the levels. You will also have the opportunity to discover the joys of the zipline and ejectable reminders. Don't worry about all the abseils. They are guided by the instructor who holds the rope for you.

There are also calmer moments. You can float in the rivers (much less boxed than in canyoning), what is called floating. Do you want sensations? let's go for a slide on a natural slide.

Canyoning to exceed your limits

You are a group of confirmed sportsmen and you want to discover a maximum of techniques and difficulties, orient yourself towards a canyoning course.

Among the outdoor activities (APN), the practice of canyoning, also called canyoning or descent of canyon, is more complex and more diversified than the aquatic excursion. Canyoning uses techniques at the crossroads of caving and climbing.

Your mission, if you accept it, consists in progressing in streams collected thanks to different canyoning techniques such as:

  • Jumps
  • Dive
  • Slides on natural slides
  • Ziplines
  • Abseiling
  • Passage under siphons
  • Moments of swimming in white water

The aquatic hiking courses are accessible from the age of 7 years and the canyoning courses from 8 years, whatever your level. However, going down a canyon involves:

  • Know how to swim
  • To be in a good health
  • Be in good physical condition
  • Do not suffer from trauma of the shoulder, ankles or visual or cognitive disturbances, these activities are not recommended

Alteo Nature and respect for the environment

Values ​​that are important to us

Eager to provide our customers with quality services, we have chosen to remain a human-sized company. The idea is to strengthen group cohesion as well as team spirit. The moments of activity are focused on moments of sharing, laughter, a family spirit while ensuring your safety.

In order to respect these values, we make several departures at separate times with groups of 10 people maximum to avoid "traffic jams" in the water. This also corresponds to our desire to preserve the environment; respect the surrounding flora and fauna, sometimes disturbed during the summer period in the face of the influx of visitors.

We therefore invite you to show kindness towards biodiversity throughout the course.

Your canyoning trip supervised by experienced guides

All our guides are graduates

The supervision of such outdoor activities requires having the necessary diplomas and authorizations.

At Alteo Nature, all of our professional guides are state-certified “Climbing and Canyoning”. They have no less than 10 years of experience under their belt (presentation of the diploma on request by email).

We also have the multi-risk insurance necessary for this practice and do not have any fatal accidents.

Alteo Nature guides will make you enjoy an unforgettable activity in complete safety and watch over you at all times.







































































































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