Via ferrata Aveyron

Between earth and rock

A via ferrata outing around Millau

In the heart of the Grands Causses Regional Natural Park

Originating in Aveyron or on vacation in the region, via-ferrata is a sporting activity that will entertain you and give you a change of scenery for half a day or a full day for the most motivated!

Alone or in a group, with family or friends, amateur or experienced, you will have the opportunity to discover different via-ferrata techniques in Aveyron.

Nepalese bridges, monkey bridges, zip lines, abseils, will allow you to overcome various obstacles.

Alteo guides, state graduates, invite you to go on an adventure halfway between climbing and speleology on the heights of Mostuéjouls, near Millau, for an unforgettable moment in complete safety.

Our via-ferrata course in Aveyron

An itinerary for everyone

A via ferrata does not necessarily require a single level of skill. The particularity of the via-ferrata proposed below is to meet all needs and at all levels.

Itinerary for families with children or a more sporty route, our guides will be able to suggest the route that suits you best for an unforgettable via ferrata in Aveyron.

The Liaucous via ferrata

The most beautiful Via-ferrata in Aveyron

It is between the Gorges du Tarn and the town of Millau that this via-ferrata offers two exceptional routes.

You will therefore have the scoop to be able to discover its rocks, whether during a simple initiation or during a more sporty and acrobatic adventure.

Several sequences will be offered with monkey bridges, Nepalese bridges, tunnels, crossing on bars at the heart of the faults. And finally, a zip line over 50 meters!

An ideal outing with family or friends for a great day in Aveyron.

Location: 30 minutes from Millau.

The equipment needed for via ferrata in Aveyron

Equipment loaned by Alteo and what to bring

Participating in an outdoor activity such as canyoning or via ferrata requires having equipment that meets standards and is checked regularly.

So, in order to move safely on the rock walls, the Alteo guides will equip you at the meeting point with a helmet as well as a harness and carabiners.

You are responsible for bringing appropriate personal clothing.

What the instructors recommend:

The indispensable

  • Wear sportswear, elastic and comfortable. The shorts and T-shirt set will go perfectly for sunny days. If there is a risk of showers, do not hesitate to take a little k-way.
  • To have closed shoes with basket-type laces (shoes that are firm to the feet, neither too new to avoid damaging them nor too worn: the sole must be in good condition for better adhesion)
  • Bring a small bottle of water and a snack: in a small backpack, slip a bottle of water with a cereal bar to hydrate and snack.

The little extras

  • A camera to keep memories and be able to watch the unforgettable moments that marked your day later. Devices are available for rent, just mention it to us when you book.
  • A pair of gloves or mittens to protect your hands. This via-ferrata includes a number of bars, the use of hands will therefore be requested.

How to choose your via ferrata in Aveyron?

According to what criteria?

1. Age group

From 8 years old, your children will be able to take part in the so-called “easy” routes, of initiation in via-ferrata. For more sporty courses, including more techniques with more obtuse obstacles, we advise you to average between the age and the sporting ability you have.

2. According to the different levels, physical capacities

There is no point in selecting a very sporty route if you do not want to fully enjoy the activity. Prefer a course adapted to your level and your physical capacity.

For that, do not hesitate to consult the activity sheets in order to know the specificities and particularity of each via-ferrata. Your choice will be directly oriented according to your fears: dizziness, fear of water, etc. Finally, do not hesitate to ask us for advice when making your reservation, we will confirm your choice or suggest another if we deem it unsuitable.

Some via-ferrata allow you to juggle between courses, which will allow you to discover different levels of difficulty.

3. Depending on the composition of your group and your desires

 With family or friends, you will not necessarily have the same desires and the same capacities. Before booking, get together and determine the obstacles you want to overcome as well as the geographic area you are targeting.

The practice of a via-ferrata activity requires being in good health and having a good physical condition.

We do not recommend these activities for people with trauma to the shoulder, ankles, or visual or cognitive impairment.

The values ​​of Alteo Nature

The respect

For your comfort, we compose groups of 10 people maximum.

Likewise, we are committed to welcoming you and accompanying you throughout your journey and your learning with kindness and kindness.

At Alteo nature, we also have respect for the environment at heart. Given our shared passion for climbing in the great outdoors, the preservation of natural environments is a commitment that we would like to share with you.

We therefore ask you to respect the places that welcome you and not to damage the surrounding wild fauna and flora.

“Never doubt that a small group of committed and thoughtful citizens can change the world. In reality, it always happened. ” Margret mead

Alteo Nature guides

Over 10 years of experience at your service

Our guides are State Climbing and Canyon graduates and all have more than 10 years of experience in supervising outdoor activities.

We guarantee you a secure activity with quality equipment used by qualified instructors.

Warning: More and more people present themselves on the web as accredited guides. However, we recommend that you be vigilant. These sports activities require supervision by qualified and conscientious people. As far as we are concerned, all of our diplomas and insurance can be viewed on request by email.

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