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This initiation canyon, also known as an aquatic hike, is located in Aveyron, very close to the village of Saint Jean du Bruel.

Forests, mountains and reddish rocks, the setting will amaze you as much as the clear and limpid waters of the Dourbie.

Initiation canyon says aquatic hike.


This Tayrac aquatic hike uses the same techniques as canyoning except for the use of ropes.

Ideal for a family discovery, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of numerous jumps, swimming in rapids, slides, but also in rare passages of reminder movement, funny "washing machines".

All crossings are avoidable.

Compared to the other aquatic hikes we offer, this route is the most exotic and the most enviable. All the positive points are there.

Experienced Intermediate Beginner
Do not forget
Experienced Intermediate Beginner
Half day
Approach walk
15 minutes
Activity time
2 hours
Walk back
20 minutes
Overall activity time
3 hours
From the age of 8
Experienced Intermediate Beginner
Do not forget
Do not forget

How to get to the Tayrac canyon?

Recommended routes

By car :

- From Millau: Head east towards Avenue de la République. Follow D809 and D999 towards Place de l'Aire in Saint-Jean-du-Bruel. (40 minutes)

- From Le Vigan: Take Boulevard des Châtaigniers and D170C in the direction of Avenue Sergent Triaire / D999. Continue towards Sauclières. Follow D999 towards Rue de la Planquette in Saint-Jean-du-Bruel. (40 minutes)

- From Montpellier: Take N109 and leave Rue Foch, Rue Pitot, Boulevard Benjamin Milhaud and Avenue de la Liberté. Drive from A750 and A75 to Le Caylar. Take exit 49 and exit A75. Take D55 and D999 towards Place de l'Aire in Saint-Jean-du-Bruel. (1h)

Equipment for your outing in the Tayrac canyon

Standards and controlled equipment

All technical equipment is loaned by Alteo to guarantee the quality and safety of goods and people.

In fact, the Alteo monitor will provide you with:

  • A neoprene wetsuit to put on over your personal swimsuit
  • A helmet to protect the head from possible small shocks
  • A harness with carabiners

To complete this equipment and be perfectly dressed, we ask you, in addition to the swimsuit, to bring:

  • A pair of lace-up sneakers (rental possible if you don't have one)
  • A towel to dry yourself at the end of the activity
  • Water and a snack if you want to snack after the trip












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