Orgon Waterfall Canyon

The wildest of all

Slide on one of the most beautiful natural slides in France

Geographic location of the Orgon Waterfalls

The Coudoulous is a French river in the Gard department of the new Occitanie region. It is a sub-tributary of the Hérault. Relatively short with its 12.5 km, it rises at 1350 meters above sea level. It offers a magnificent view of the entire Vigan Valley and the Cévenol region.

The part where the canyon takes place is the steepest and steepest and is called "Les Cascades d'Orgon". It is a series of waterfalls therefore more or less high. It is one of the best courses in canyoning in the Gard.

Its name was given to it in the 19th century, a period during which there was gold mining. There are still some vestiges from this period.

The workshops of the Cascade Canyon of Orgon

The Cascade Canyon of Orgon is one of the most complete and wild canyoning courses in the region. We find everything that makes the specificity of canyoning: technical jumps, abseiling under waterfalls, suspended basins, slide ...

The descent into the canyon begins in particular with the waterfall recall known as the “suspended basin”.

As its name suggests, we set off for an abseiling of approximately 15 meters from a basin located against the top; it offers in particular the most beautiful panorama of the surrounding mountains.

Note that the jumps are not necessarily very high compared to the other courses but they are all relatively technical. For some a good impulse will be necessary while others, it will be necessary to manage the intensity of the push to avoid a rock or to make an entry into the water called "dead leaf".


Icarus' slide

Like Tapoul, these waterfalls are located on the foothills of Mont Aigoual, in the Gard. 10 km from Vigan, they run along the Coudoulous, a sub-tributary of the Hérault, river where we offer the aquatic hike from Saint Guilhem le Désert.

Canyoning in a natural site

As its name suggests, this wild and uncrowded course is dotted with magnificent clear waterfalls where you can chain jumps from 2 to 8 meters in height, reminders, but ... and above all, awaits you one of the most beautiful natural slides in France ... Jumping, swimming, but also sliding are all workshops that this canyon offers with the Icarus slide as a bonus.

This canyoning course in the Gard is renowned in the region especially for this famous Icare slide. Indeed after a slide of 3 meters you will fly 2.50m to fly and land in clear water.

Another interesting thing if you haven't had time to enjoy, we can do it again until exhaustion…

Ready for adventure?

Experienced Intermediate Beginner
Do not forget
Experienced Intermediate Beginner
Half day or full day
Approach walk
30 minutes
Activity time
2h30 ou 3h30
Walk back
5 minutes
Overall activity time
From 10 years old
Experienced Intermediate Beginner
Do not forget
Do not forget

How to get to the Orgon waterfalls?

Recommended routes

By car :

- From Le Vigan: Follow D170C, D999 and D48 towards Avèze. (7 minutes)

- From Ganges: Take Rue Frédéric Mistral, Rue des Écoles Républicaines, Rue Louis Monna and Rue Armand Sabatier towards Avenue du Mont Aigoual / D999. Follow D999 towards Cairol / D48 at Avèze. (30 minutes)

- From Millau: Take Boulevard de l'Ayrolle, Rue Louis Blanc / D41E and Avenue du Pont Lerouge / D41 in the direction of Avenue du Languedoc / D3009. Take D809, A75, D7 and D999 towards Route de Cavaillac / D448 in Avèze. (1h15)

- From Montpellier: Take Avenue d'Assas and Avenue Charles Flahault in the direction of Carrefour Hubert Dubedout / Route de Ganges / D986. Follow D986 and D999 in the direction of Cairol / D48 at Avèze. (1h15)

- From Alès: Drive from D50, D129, D907, D982 and D999 to Avèze. (1h15)

Equipment necessary for the aquatic hike of the Orgon waterfall

Standards and controlled equipment

  • Lace-up sneakers (rental possible if you don't have one)
  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Water

Materials provided:

  • Neoprene wetsuit
  • Harness
  • Carabiners
  • Lanyards
  • Helmets

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