Bramabiau Canyon

The most refreshing route of Mont Aigoual

A refreshing course to do with family or friends

Located in the Cévennes Natural Park, it is near the village of Saint-Sauveur-Camprieu that the Bramabiau canyon is located.

Idyllic, natural and preserved, whether you are on vacation or just passing through, the setting will give you an impression of elsewhere for an unforgettable moment in one of the quietest of canyoning in the Gard.

A unique canyon in France

The canyon of Bramabiau is unique in France because it combines faith with the methods of progression of canyoning and speleology.

This canyon is for experienced people to make this descent made of jumps, climbs, slides, and floating in total darkness.
It is a truly wild course with special legislation which limits the number of participants.

We are sure that we will always be there and will be able to practice many workshops at will.

The “plus” of this course is the end of the “man shell” slide, a dizzying slide that can be done in many positions.
A real discovery of the natural heritage of our region, really refreshing (relatively cold water temperature) in the heart of summer.

Do not miss the illustrious natural slide of the Obus Man

This natural canyon owes its name to the stream of Happiness which disappears underground and comes out a few hundred meters further to the Abyss of Bramabiau.

In addition to this exceptional setting, this canyon will seduce you with the diversity of the workshops it offers: you can jump with jumps from 1 to 8 meters, slide on sensational natural slides. "Exceptional slides, you say? "You will have the joy of discovering and sliding on the slide of the Man-shell ...

Experienced Intermediate Beginner
Do not forget
Experienced Intermediate Beginner
Half day
Approach walk
5 mintues
Activity time
2 hours 30
Walk back
10 minutes
Overall activity time
3 hours
From 10 years old
Experienced Intermediate Beginner
Do not forget
Do not forget

How to get to the Bramabiau canyon?

The itineraries we recommend

By car :

- From Millau: Head east towards Avenue de la République. Take D991, D41, D29 and D28 in the direction of Rue du Mandarous / D263 in Lanuéjols. Follow D263 towards D986. Continue on D986 towards Saint-Sauveur-Camprieu. Drive towards Favilhon Bas (1h)

- From Le Vigan: Take Boulevard des Châtaigniers towards Côte d'Aulas / D370. Drive from D48 and D986 to Saint-Sauveur-Camprieu. Drive towards Favilhon Bas. (1h)

- From Alès: Drive from D50, D907, D19, D18 and D986 to Saint-Sauveur-Camprieu. Drive towards Favilhon Bas. (2h)

- From Montpellier: Take N109 and leave Rue Foch, Rue Pitot, Boulevard Benjamin Milhaud and Avenue de la Liberté. Drive from A750 and A75 to Le Caylar. Take exit 49 and exit A75. Take D55, D999, D341 and D710 towards Favilhon Bas in Saint-Sauveur-Camprieu (2h)

Canyoning in complete safety

Standards and controlled equipment

At the meeting place, our Alteo instructor will equip you and provide you with:

  • A neoprene suit to protect your body from possible blows
  • A helmet, to protect your head
  • A harness with carabiners for rappelling and zip lines
  • Lanyards

Before arriving, think on your side to bring:

  • A swimsuit to put under the jumpsuit
  • A pair of closed, basketball-style, lace-up shoes
  • A towel to dry yourself
  • Water and a snack to fill you up at the end of the activity















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